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Those are just words coming out of your mouth. No weight to them. No consideration they may be true. - They’re not true.

"Alana has always stood by Hannibal - there was never a doubt in her mind in series 1 and even as she wanted to believe the best of Will in series 2, she still denied the possibility that Hannibal could have had anything to do with what happened to him… she has been absolutely consistent in her opinions on him.”

"The person who was accusing Hannibal tried to have him killed, proving to be not who she thought he was. Jack’s growing distrust of Hannibal has led him nowhere. She was even at Hannibal’s house the night the Chesapeake Ripper committed a murder. Miriam Lass exonerated Hannibal when he was under suspicion again. She has known Hannibal for much, much longer than anybody else - they have a long-standing mutual admiration and friendship which precedes all of this mess.”

These are her facts. It is absolutely reasonable for her to assume that Hannibal is innocent.” [x]

Nope. Not only is she an incredibly poor judge of character, she also lacks the ability to constantly question her own opinions so that she remains open minded (as anybody who is an academic should). On top of that, she seems to have her guard down all the time. Who in their right mind would constantly trust someone who they don’t know much about outside a professional context? Jack even said that to her face, and she still did not listen. She is ruled by her emotions, and this has resulted in her ability to think critically about this situation to fail, as she is far too trusting during a time that she must be on her guard. And don’t even get me started on how unprofessional her behaviour can get. She slept with a colleague who she knows is under suspicion for multiple murders like it’s nothing.The fuck?

Obviously, she’s a poor judge of character for trusting someone who even Will, who as an empathy disorder, couldn’t identify as a killer for an entire season, because Hannibal has no actual motive and he is incredibly good at hiding his true nature. It should be absolutely obvious to her, like it is to us, who have actually seen Hannibal kill multiple times. Just no.

And she has questioned her own opinions and let facts change her mind about a matter that she was very emotional about. And that was Will’s character. So she’s far from lacking that ability, she’s just not about to do that when it comes to someone for whom the only proof of guilt is a smudged fingerprint at a crime scene (of a usually meticulous serial killer) and the words of the man who she believes to have misjudged completely.

And yes, Alana slept with a man who she has known for years, who’s been “a teacher, a mentor, and a friend”, who is a source of stability during some rather difficult times. And who - once again - might be under suspicion but without a hint of a proof of guilt. In fact, at the time when she first sleeps with him it’s literally Will’s word against his, with a huge pile evidence against Will and the destroyed trust between the two of them. At a time when she was just holding it together, mind you. Facing a master manipulator.

Is Alana mistaken? That’s not even up for debate, of course she is. And it is probably true that she does trust too much in other people and her judgement of them (probably because she actually is a pretty damn good judge of character and she has learned to depend on that). But right now she hasn’t made a single decision with regards to Hannibal which was irrational, even as every single one of them leads her further towards doom.

So take your mindless bile and get the fuck away from my gifset.

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I love you.

I know.

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My problem with chess was that all my pieces wanted to end the game as soon as possible.


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